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Samwon has its roots in printing-packaging and have excelled in this industry for the past 30 years. Our business portfolio has changed over time from cardboard based box exports to confectionary oriented domestic products.

Marking the 30 years, Samwon is now starting a new phase of company growth. We have successfully implemented automation of production lines, facility maintenance program, employee education programs and many more. We are venturing into the new world. Finding opportunities overseas while strengthening ourselves from within.

For these efforts, as well as our joined efforts for the past 30 years, we had the great honor or receiving ‘Medal of Honor’ from Korean Government, first ever given to a printing company in the history of Korea. We are proud but will remain humble as we look to even better future.

연혁 History

1983 Company Founded in Seoul, Korea
1988 Company moved to
Samwon Building, Seoul, Korea
1989 Company changed to Corporation
2001 Received commendation from Ministry of Culture
2003 Acquired ISO9001 Certificate
2004 Received Grand Prize from Printing
Culture Federation of Korea
2007 Received Presidential Commendation
2012 Received Medal of Honor
2013 Acquirde ISO14001 Launched
R&D Center
2016 Become a member of GPA
(Global Packaging Alliance)
2016 G7 Master certification