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We strive to become a true ‘End-to-End’ service provider

One of best way to reduce cost and optimize operations is to improve company's procurement process. Samwon can provide improved Procurement Solutions with our OE Consulting experience.
If you want to launch a unique product, you need unique packaging. Samwon has a strategic partnership with the top Packaging & Branding Innovations firm who can help provide just that. The firm has been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design award and has experience in North America, Europe, China, and Korean markets.
Aside from the conventional Off-Set Printing, Samwon can also provide UV printing, embossing, cold foiling and many other post-press processes with our vast network of exclusive partners.

Our core competency is design and manufacturing of paper boxes

Our industry focus are F&B, Confectionary, Electrions, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetics.